Frequently asked questions

BRITE Brands is proud to offer three variations of its Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits. There are more similarities than differences. All of our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits are made with our proprietary formula, include a wireless LED mouthpiece, and utilize brush-on whitening pens for precise application. The sizing of the mouthpiece is the same as well. The only difference between the three models of the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits are the colors and the name of the kit which you choose.

  • BRITEN Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit= White BRITEN mouthpiece in our navy BRITEN box.
  • Bride Brite Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit= White Bride Brite mouthpiece in our turquoise iridescent Bride Brite box.
  • Groom Glow Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit= Black Groom Glow mouthpiece in our black Groom Glow box.

Yes! BRITE Brands teeth whitening kits are completely safe for your enamel. We specially formulated these systems to maintain teeth and gum health, while protecting your enamel & effectively whitening your smile.

The majority of our customers report no sensitivity or discomfort issues due to our proprietary formula. However, if you do experience some sensitivity or discomfort, we recommend waiting 24 hours before using the treatment again. We also provide a desensitizing gel that can be used for those who may experience some slight sensitivity. Just brush it on after you brush your teeth! Using less whitening gel can also help alleviate these issues.Please note: If you do experience any sensitivity or discomfort, this is only temporary and will subside.

If small amounts of the gel are ingested during your whitening treatment, you should not experience any ill effects. Although our specially designed gel contains no dangerous chemicals, we do not recommend ingesting it.

BRITE Brands Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits whiten real teeth only. Although this product is completely safe for use on caps, veneers, braces, crowns, and bridges, only natural teeth will be whitened.

Yes! Our formula is safe to use with your clear aligners such as Invisalign®. Just brush the whitening gel on your teeth prior to putting on your tray

Each kit comes with three silver pens and one clear pen. The silver pens contain our unique stain boosting anti-sensitivity formula. In other words, the silver pens are the teeth whitening pens. The clear pen with blue gel contains our desensitizing-only formula. We recommend using the clear pen for a couple days prior to starting the teeth whitening process if you are prone to sensitivity.  

The Bride Brite and Groom Glow have two separate charging indicator lights. The red glow on the Bride Brite logo indicates the Bride Brite mouthpiece is charging, while the flashing blue of the Groom Glow mouthpiece indicates it is charging. When the red glow turns green on the BB and the flashing blue discontinues on the GG, you will know they are finished charging! We usually just recommend letting it charge overnight, and they will last for around 14 days of use. 

Absolutely! Though many see significant results after 10 days, it is safe to use Bride Brite daily for up to 3 weeks straight. After that, you can do touch ups once-twice per week as needed. 

Use one droplet of the silver gel for your top teeth and one droplet of silver gel for your bottom teeth. Twist between top and bottom sets. Paint on for all of your natural teeth you want whitened. Our whitening kit comes with 3 pens (at least 65+ uses) of teeth whitening gel with a shelf life of 3 years. 

The following ingredients are dentist-designed and approved for maximum effectiveness, safety, and anti-sensitivity: Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, Carboxymethyl, PVP, Menthol, Sodium Hydroxide