Founder & Brand Spotlight: Sydney @ RING BANDITS

Founder & Brand Spotlight: Sydney @ RING BANDITS


  • My name is Sydney. I am the founder of the brand RING BANDITS

    Committed to making your life easier, the Bandit is a functional zipper pocket, hidden within a stylish wrist accessory. The Bandit provides freedom from worry, whether that be about losing your new wedding ring on your honeymoon or figuring out how to bring an essential medication out and about. Simplifying the little things is what we are all about.

    According to a recent survey, 40 percent of men and 80 percent of women will lose their wedding band. And given the current safekeeping options, it’s no wonder the statistics are so bleak. Throw it in your bag or locker, and you risk damaging the jewelry. Keep it on during physical activity, and you risk injury. I interviewed a jeweler who told me he often has to cut rings off customers’ fingers due to accidents that occur while they were wearing them. All that is left is to not wear your ring at all, but then what a waste!

    The Bandit is the innovative alternative. Both stylish and safe, the Bandit provides peace of mind, allowing you to accessorize while not worrying if your most precious items will be left behind. Providing this product for people around the world is truly something special to me.


  • I once pitched Ring Bandits to a large room of people. The very first thing I did was ask the audience if they had some sort of connection to one of the following: a special piece of jewelry, a key to their home, or a medication they must have on them at all times. 

    Every person in the room had their hand up.   


  • Our accessories can bring four strong values into your life: Style, Function, Peace of Mind and Freedom. When designing the Original Bandit, I put so much thought into what it looked like, it had to be stylish, discreet and still fulfill its hidden pocket purpose. I made sure that it was built to last and could be worn during many occasions; from home to work to the gym to the beach. Our accessories are all water friendly and washable. They can all be used/worn in multiple ways with the potential of making your life just a little bit easier. 

    Ring Bandits are available to anyone who needs them, but we have found them to be super practical for someone who is engaged/married, adventurous, or career driven individuals. A Bandit makes the perfect gift for the bride and groom to be because you give them the gift of peace of mind while they’re on their honeymoon + begin their life together. The Bandit is a great accessory for the gym, beach or any outdoor venture.  In addition, we have seen it become very popular in the hospital setting for doctors/nurses and with any hands-on careers such as cooking, construction, or if you are in the military. 

    With our line of accessories, we don't want to leave anyone out. We truly have something for everyone. Here is a quick run-down of our current product line and what they can provide for you! 

    The Original Bandit 

    A Stylish, Functional bracelet with a hidden zipper pocket. Wear it on your wrist, stretch it around your phone/water bottle or make it a handy hands-free keychain by adding a Bandits Key Ring. Its purpose is to keep your little valuables safe + secure so you can DO WHAT YOU DO.

    The Bunchie

    It's a BANDIT-SCRUNCHIE. A Versatile Scrunchie with a hidden velcro pocket. Wear it as a hair tie or let your hair down + put it on your wrist. Add on a Bandit Key Ring to create a handy-hands free keychain. This accessory is durable +  is also made from swimsuit materials, bring on all the sweat! 

    The Apple Watch Bandit 

    When Apple meets Bandits, you get a whole lot of style and functionality. Our Apple Watch Bandits have a hidden zipper pocket for your little valuables that you cannot afford to lose. All the accessibility, right on your wrist.

    The Heavy Duty  

    The Heavy Duty is a larger fit compared to our Originals + feels more like a sweatband. It's durable + ready for day to day wear. 

  • Ring Bandits was born from hearing about and experiencing the same problem. I never knew where to put my wedding ring when I was enjoying the great outdoors, and I knew I wasn’t alone. 

    I have always been very determined and working toward something has always been my thing. In my last semester of college and right before graduation, my husband and I found the greatest yet most terrifying news that completely changed my course... I was pregnant. I had just interviewed and accepted a position for my dream job and the company was kind enough to let me begin working after I gave birth and moved back home. I was in a mix of all sorts of emotions. I wanted to see my career take off, but the new role of being a mom was right around the corner and it wasn’t going to just be about me anymore. The decision of what to do became prominent as I spent my first few weeks getting to know our baby girl - I couldn't leave her, she was a whole new version of a dream, the best kind. So that is what I did, I stayed at home and made it work by picking up a few more houses to clean and serving shifts. Even though I was happy with my decision, I still felt like I let myself down. It was a rough place to be, so I turned to another option, I prayed for a shark tank like idea. A week later I heard the problem, “I never know what to do with my rings when I am at the gym” and the rest is history. The Bandit was designed in my basement, with my baby by my side, and it is the first (and probably the last) thing I have ever sewn. When you have a ton of faith + are committed to solving a problem, you’d be surprised at what one can accomplish. 

    A few years ago I had the opportunity to partner with Brian Smith, founder of UGG. I met Brian at a speaking engagement called “The Birth of a Brand.” I had a lot of questions and thought, “Who would be better at helping me think through them than Brian, someone who has built a globally recognized brand from the ground up?” After a completely out-of-character and bold email on my part, our friendship began. He put himself in my shoes and imagined how much he would’ve appreciated the advice back when he was creating the UGG brand. 



  • Trial and error. You do the best you can with what you have. If it doesn’t work, you try and try again until it looks and runs how you envisioned it. Day one of opening my store was so raw and nerve-wracking, but I will never forget that feeling of receiving my first order. Every brand starts somewhere, and each hardship and challenge makes holding a finished product you are proud of that much sweeter. 

    At the beginning, I was every type of “professional”: the photographer who never used a legitimate camera, a web designer who didn’t know how to code, a financial manager who hated math. But I quickly learned that knowing a little about a lot of things was essential for me to get Bandits off the ground. It’s crazy to think I now have a whole team of individuals to help me! I am super proud of my people. 

    The brand took off after a fitness influencer (@paleomg) posted a photo of herself sporting a Bandit. This post alone created more than 300 orders in one day. Word of mouth carried orders for the next two years, and that was eight years ago. 


  • Enjoy the journey. Running your own business is something many people dream of. Every little glance of light is a victory. Celebrate it. Starting a business is amazing, having a successful running business is amazing, but if you learn to enjoy the middle, during the times that aren’t too amazing, it's super fulfilling. You have the ability to make anything you go through an adventure, and we are bound to go through rough times so why not learn from them and accept where we are and embrace the little things. 

    Also, don't be afraid to reach out to successful people in and out of your community. I have learned so much from listening. 


  • My goal for Ring Bandits is to make it the best it can be. I would love to connect with more people. We value every connection throughout our community from suppliers - partners - customers, they are all so very special to us. We want to continue growing, making Ring Bandits the solution you might be looking for. 


  • Thank you again for taking the time to read about Ring Bandits and our story!

    You can find us through the following channels. We’d love to connect with you! 


    •     We offer free U.S. shipping!

    Insta: @ringbandits, @sydneyfrietsch

    Tiktok: @ringbandits


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