5 Must-Subscribe Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

5 Must-Subscribe Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

With International Women's Day being earlier this week, I wanted to focus on women today are paving their way to success in this industry. One of my favorite ways to learn from others is on podcasts, it's an amazing way to hear directly from your idols as they share their tips, success secrets, and business knowledge. 

I'll listen in the car, on a run, or making a quick meal. Podcast are a great medium for sharing extraordinary experiences and adding to your knowledge. Here's a list of some of my favorite podcasts that all up-and-coming female entrepreneurs should tune into. 

GirlBoss Radio (Sophia Amoruso), the founder of NastyGal)

GirlBoss Radio informs, entertains, and inspires their listeners through interviews of women who redefine their success on their own terms. This podcast values humor, resourcefulness, vulnerability, curiosity, and inclusivity. Here are a couple of trailblazing women featured on this podcast:

  • “How To Keep At The Forefront of Innovation With Melissa Grady.” Melissa Grady is Cadillac’s CMO and breaks down how the marketing industry has changed in the last decade. 
  • “How To Become A Serial Entrepreneur With Beauty Pioneer Marcia Kilgore.” Marcia Kilgore dishes out how she created five successful businesses during her career.

Take a deep dive or deep listen shall we say into GirlBoss Radio to learn the essentials on building a successful career and how to dodge the personal and professional curveballs along the way. 

Brand New Nation (Danielle Leslie)

Brand New Nation interviews bloggers, YouTubers, photographers, writers, and TV personalities on the turning points in their careers and the “Moolah Scoop” which shares how much these creators are making. These content creators share what they love doing for a living. Female entrepreneurs can benefit from this podcast by learning how to create a personal brand, increase followers, and start their own online business. Here are a couple of our favorite episodes:

  • “Tamara Floyd-Part 1 &2: How to Earn A Full-Time Income as a Blogger.” Floyd is a beauty blogger and founder of Natural Hair Rules! A key quote from Floyd during the podcast interview, “What separates successful people from everybody else is they just do.”
  • “Ari Fitz-Part 1: How to Grow A Personal Brand that Leads to Youtube and Modeling Success.” Fitz is MTV’s Real World cast member, model, and filmmaker. A key quote from Fitz during the podcast interview, “My mission has always been to tell my generation’s story.”

From travel to beauty to fashion industries, these content creators are divulging their inside secrets on how they created their brand and how they can help you.

Women Taking the Lead (Jodi Flynn)

Women Taking the Lead podcast features both men and women, specifically women that have achieved success and men that forward women leadership. Through their stories, listeners learn how to have a healthy mindset for success, discovering passions, and silencing self-doubt and critics. Here are a few of our favorite episodes:

  • Mary Cheyne on “How to Speak Up Fiercely and Femininely” shares her story about confidence, asserting yourself in situations, and silencing your inner critic.
  • Cara Macklin on “Creative Visionary Thinking” talks about tapping into creativity, working with teams, and challenges leaders face in navigating the business world.

This podcast was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Top 18 Women-Led Podcasts You Need To Download Now” and “The Best Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs.” If you’re an ambitious, go-getting woman looking to lead with confidence, integrity, and humor, this is a podcast for you. 

Goal Digger (Jenna Kutchner)

The Goal Digger podcast shares productivity tips, social media strategies, inspiring stories from interviewers, and business advice. As a self-made millionaire, Jenna shares tips on a variety of topics: photography, online courses, Instagram sponsorships, and social media influencing. Here are some of our favorite episodes:

  • “5 Things To Do Before You Leave Your 9 to 5” features advice on starting on the right foot, growing a following, filling your calendar, and looking fear in the face.
  • “No Biz Experience? Learn As You Launch like Bella Lam” shares her story on filling a need in the market, creating a personal brand, and advice for building a community and connection with customers.

Tune into this podcast on how to define your success and chase your dreams to become a goal digger, not a gold digger.

The Femtrepreneur Show (Mariah Coz and Megan Minns)

The Femtrepreneur Show is perfect for femtrepreneurs. This is an individual who wants autonomy, freedom, and independence through running their own online business. On this podcast, listeners will learn the practical, no-BS tools and strategies to transform their online courses into a business reality. Check out some of our most-loved episodes:

  • “5 Blogging Tips for Business” talks about the benefits of guest blogging, creating “pillar content”, and content creation vs. promotion. 
  • “When is the Best Time of the Year to Launch?” shares benefits of a summer launch vs. winter launch and how timing needs to fit your audience.

If you are looking to find your niche, create a course, passive income tips, and navigating tools and technology, get in on the craze with this podcast.

These women were (and still are) instrumental in helping me continue to build Bride Brite, my first company. What female entrepreneur related podcast are you looking forward to listening to? What are some other podcasts that you recommend?

Let us know in the comments.

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