5 Essential Tips For First Time Bridesmaids On The Wedding Day

5 Essential Tips For First Time Bridesmaids On The Wedding Day

While wedding preparation is certainly stressful for the bride, don’t underestimate the work that goes into being a bridesmaid. Events like bridal showers and bachelorette parties take a lot of time, energy, and money. In fact, the average bridesmaid in the United States can expect to pay $1,500 on average towards wedding expenses. 

However, nothing compares to the joy of celebrating one of your best friend’s wedding. 

As a first time bridesmaid, you may feel nervous when the wedding day finally appears. Always remember, you're there to support the bride. If you focus on making her day even better, you’ll find the time flies by.  

Having planned my wedding….twice, I have my bridesmaids to thank for keeping me sane. I asked them for tips to be an amazing bridesmaid and wanted to write about my bridesmaid experiences as well. 

Here’s five ways you can be the best bridesmaid and make your bride’s day feel a little extra special.

1. Communicate With The Other Bridesmaids

During the entire pre-wedding process, make sure to communicate with the maid of honor and bridesmaids to help the day run smoothly. 

The wedding day is full of last-minute details. If your bride has a wedding planner, they will help to dot the I’s and cross the t’s. Not every bride has the luxury of a wedding planner, so the bridal party can help fill that role. 

  • Make sure the dressing room has enough snacks and drinks.
  • Be familiar with the schedule and arrangements for the day. 
  • Be ready to help when something inevitably changes at the last minute….cause something always does.

It’s not uncommon to spend more time at the wedding with the other bridesmaids than your date. Honestly, I’ve still got a couple text chains alive with some amazing friends. You and the other bridesmaids are in this together: One team, one dream.  

2. Stay On Your Toes

The wedding day is filled with last-minute changes, so expect the unexpected. Guests will cancel, people and vendors will be uncooperative, and beauty products will malfunction. 

Be there for the bride to help assist in any mishaps that happen on the big day. If there is something that you can fix, be the remedy. If you can’t, find somebody who can. 

And only go to the bride or groom as a last resort.

3. Have The Essentials

Your purse should be your best friend. Fill it with essential supplies for yourself, the bride, and the rest of the bridal party to use. Make sure to also ask your bride in advance what they might need or want you to bring. 

When I look at essentials, consider packing perfume, bobby and safety pins, stain remover, and a pair of flats to change into once you finish pictures and hit the dance floor.

You never know when a pair of scissors can save the day when a stray string appears.

4. A Small Momento Goes a Long Way

I’m a huge fan of momentos. Think outside of the box to get a memorable gift to make the bride’s day even better than expected. Go to a boutique and grab a small pre-wedding gift or personalize something to surprise the bride so the two of you have a personal item she can save.

I know spending can add up for a bridesmaid, so never underestimate handwritten note to show your appreciation and excitement for the day to come. Regardless, it’s a small way to put extra effort into your role as a bridesmaid and finally.... 

5. Remain Calm

Things may go wrong on the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that the wedding will falter. Make sure to remain positive and relaxed despite any hiccups. If someone is going to lose their cool, don’t let it be YOU.

Wedding days are full of nerves. No amount of planning can prepare you or your bride for the emotions that will be running rampant on the day of the wedding.

Be the shoulder to cry on or wedding day therapist. Most importantly, keep your composure and remove any negativity on the big day.


There is a reason why the bride picked you to be her bridesmaid. You have been with her through many challenges and successes already, so the wedding day is just another adventure you will experience together.

More important than anything, make sure to help your bride make her wedding extra special and unforgettable. It doesn’t matter how you look or feel as long as your bride is smiling at the end of the night. (And you know how much we appreciate smiles here at Bride Brite).

Bridesmaids are there to make the wedding day amazing for everybody, not just yourself. Maintain a positive attitude and be supportive throughout the entire wedding process – from the engagement to the honeymoon.

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